Maljojokistudio designs and produces unique jewellery pieces that are yet simplistic but eye-catching and play with the beauty of the individual. Despite of your age, race, background or nationality we want you to feel beautiful, enjoy life and contribute by being individual and shining your light. Our designs are inspired by materials and techniques of different parts of he world. The vision is to design and manufacture jewellery in collaboration with artisans around the world and then have people in different parts of the world wear those same pieces with pride and joy. We want to be bridge-builders, love-makers and joy-bringers in a world that needs more fun, more light-heartedness and more love and connection.

Maljojokistudio is based on the work of Finnish jewellery designer and artist Mia Maljojoki. Mia began her training at Massachussets College of Art and Design in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. After completed her BFA in jewellery, she continued her jewellery studies at Munich Art Academy in Munich, Germany.

Mia’s jewellery reflects her Finnish origins. Her pieces are simple in form, but yet they pull off grace and elegance. Mia’s jewellery is created to be work everyday and to celebrate the human body. She wishes women to enjoy themselves as wearing maljojokistudio designs.

Mia’s work has been exhibited around the world in museums and galleries since 1998. Most notable exhibitions are from ‘Jewellery Released’ exhibition with jewellery presentation with 2 video projections called ‘Eruption’ at Museum of Modern Art Arnhem, Arnhem, Netherlands and Museum Bellerive, Zurich, Switzerland and ‘on my way to the record shop’ at Gallery Virgilio, San Paolo/ Galelry Alice Floriano, Porto Alegre/ Atelier Lourenco de Bern, Brasilia, Brazil.

From 2011 to 2015 Mia designed eight jewellery collections for Finnish Brand Marimekko and since 2016 Mia designs her own jewellery collections.

Annette is based in Munich but her love for life and her curiosity for different places and people has led her to spend time in various parts of the world. For many years she was part of a company that manufactured design items in South Africa and other parts of Africa to sell them in Europe and the US. Great communication skills, a whole lot of kindness and professionalism as well as great „guerrilla marketing skills“ make Annette the perfect match for our team. Please contact her in regards to all questions about distribution, press releases or potential exhibition shows and events. Thank you.



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