Audrey necklace

AUDREY necklace is handmade in EU.

AUDREY necklace is our HEROINE collection hit piece. It can be worn very long or wrapped around the neck one or more times, or even worn around the wrist. AUDREY necklace is for everyday and for the evening.

Anchor chain is 0,19mm thick and can be set for 110cm, 115cm or 120cm in lenght, or wrapped once or twice around the neck. Or even wrapped around the wrist multiple times. There is a 6mm locket which allows this variation.
End of the chain there are two drops – one gold plated silver and one in silver both in size 15mm high and 10mm wide .

Enjoy our AUDREY necklace! Celebrate everyday!

Note: If you have interest for AUDREY necklace in 18K gold, please contact us
If you wish to have an engraving in the drop of the AUDREY necklace, please let us know and we make it happen. contact us

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